Jean Paul Senior aka "JP"


What does it mean? What does it mean to be an illustrator, an artist, a creator? Well, It depends on the individual. I AM A COLOR JUNKIE! I believe what it means to be a my own creator is through vibrance, expression, and strong sense of motion and emotion. To know what it  means and what it takes to create something of imagination to life. To have passion, determination, and originality is to be and artist. Having the profession and understanding of creative marketing is to be an illustrator. Having all of these in one package can make wonders. I believe I can make wonders.

Yo, my name is Jean Paul Senior. I was raised in Miami, Florida and now I am Back with a bachelor's degree in illustration and fine arts. graduated from columbus college of art & Design at columbus, ohio. I am an Illustrator and Fine Artist. I am experienced with many fields of Illustration and Fine Arts such as Typography, photography, sculpting, etc. But my favorite of all is painting, character design, and graphic apparel. This kind of creative marketing, it is difficult to have bodies of work that stands out. There are many roads and obstacles that is to be endured in order to succeed. But with the skills, experience, passion and my family and friends that support me. I will succeed.